One Year with WordPress!

Howdy strangers! It has been one year since I joined WordPress. It has been a pretty decent year. I hope that you who follow me have enjoyed the content that I provided you. I appreciate everyone who have supported me. … Continue reading One Year with WordPress!

In Remembrance of George Kennedy

George Kennedy was an actor with range. Starring in dozens of iconic films that include Cool Hand Luke, Spartacus, The Dirty Dozen, The Sons of Katie Elder and so many more. He continued to have success later on in his career as Ed Hocken in the Naked Gun films. His character in Creepshow 2 is one of the most loving characters in horror film history, like I personally believe no one could ever top him. Rest easy, George. Thank you. Continue reading In Remembrance of George Kennedy

In Remembrance of Abe Vigoda

The world lost another icon. The actor known as Abe Vigoda. For years, I’m sure many people wondered about his status…Sadly he passed. He is known for his role on the Godfather films. He was terrific on those films. I first noticed him on “Look Who’s Talking” and “Barney Miller”. Of course, “Good Burger” he uttered a curse word on a Nickelodeon film! He lived a long life and entertained everyone in the process. Thanks Abe and rest easy! Continue reading In Remembrance of Abe Vigoda

In Remembrance of Angus Scrimm

As most of the horror community has heard, the legendary horror actor, Angus Scrimm passed away. I’ve been meaning to revisit the Phantasm films that he’s best known for. But, I’d like to share what his performance as ‘The Tall Man’ had on me. I was a young kid, I start most of my things like this, but that’s when I was introduced to most horror films. My mom rented a film called Phantasm. You see, this is a strange movie. You can’t describe it and you feel uneasy while watching it. I remember jumping for all the scenes of … Continue reading In Remembrance of Angus Scrimm