One Year with WordPress!

Howdy strangers! It has been one year since I joined WordPress. It has been a pretty decent year. I hope that you who follow me have enjoyed the content that I provided you. I appreciate everyone who have supported me. … Continue reading One Year with WordPress!

Shock Waves (1977) Review

Directed by Ken Wiederhorn Starring Peter Cushing and Brooke Adams Plot: A woman (Adams) is discovered floating in a boat, half dead. She’s brought aboard another boat and begins to reminisce about what happened to her. She was on a boat tour. A bunch of mysterious stuff happens which causes the crew head to a nearby island. The island at first glance seems to be vacant. An old man (Cushing) wants answers to why they’re on his island. He runs to check to see the boat that they crashed into. Men wearing Nazi uniforms begin to rise out of the … Continue reading Shock Waves (1977) Review