Friday the 13th (1980) Review


Directed by Sean S. Cunningham

Starring Betsy Palmer and Adrienne King

Plot: Two camp counselors are murdered at the beginning of the film. Then, its present day, a young woman tries to get a ride to her new job at Camp Crystal Lake. The mentioning of the camp makes the locals act strange and even a few warn her that it has a death curse. She’s optimistic about everything. That’s until she gets her throat slit by a killer!. At the camp, there are quite a few young people there helping out with renovations.


They are approached by Crazy Ralph about the death curse and they just think he’s a nut. They hangout around the camp, looking in the cabins and making love and whatnot. Then, they begin to get picked off in violent, yet creative ways. The few that stayed close are playing strip Monopoly. Then, they separate and are killed by a faceless killer. Even, the owner of the camp is killed!


The lone survivor Alice (King) discovers each dead body and tries to make a run for it. She is met by an older woman named Mrs. Voorhees (Palmer). Mrs. Voorhees seems to be nice, she continues to ramble on her about dead son. She’s the one that’s been killing and she intends on killing Alice. The two fight and it ends with Mrs. Voorhees being beheaded. Alice takes a boat out to the lake, where a young boy pulls her under. Only to reveal that it was dream.


Review: It’s the first in my favorite horror franchise. That doesn’t necessarily mean that I like it. I appreciate it for what it is worth. The film has some very creative special effects by Tom Savini and Harry Manfredini’s score really sets the tone. My main problem with the film that Mrs. Voorhees isn’t really built up. You know, really nothing about her or young Jason. She just pops up and it’s like alright, I can see where she is coming from, but it’s not really built upon. The same thing happened with Prom Night (1980). Overall, I don’t hold this one with a high standard and feel that it is definitely overrated.


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