Top 5 Worst Stephen King Film Adaptations

So the time is approaching, Stephen King is coming back to theaters this weekend with The Dark Tower and with IT coming out in September, it’s a better time than any to make them lists those boys like. The following is going to have what I believe are the 5 worst adaptations of Stephen King out there. This includes spinoffs and sequels.

5.) The Langoliers– Very dated. Balki was on it.


4.) Sleepwalkers– I hate this film a completely different reason. I hate violence towards animals and this one is very hard to watch.


3.) The Shining (1997)– King hated the 1980 film because it strayed away from his novel. He decided to make this cheap TV miniseries. Steven Weber is okay as Torrance though.


2.) The Lawnmower Man– Thought this one was boring and of course, the special effects are beyond dated. Jeff Fahey looks like Trey Parker. That’s a place.


1.) Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest– It is quite arguable that the series with about 7 sequels to the original 1984 film ran its course, but it’s this dated follow-up to Children of the Corn II which has one of those crazy kids being taken to Chicago. There he plants corn. We have hood hijinks and other silly things. It’s a trash film.



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